Refill Guarantee

How exactly does our 30-day refill guarantee work?

1- The guarantee is valid within 30 days from your order.

2- We can only refill once every 24 hours.

3- The refill applies when the followers are within the range of the order. For example, if you had 100 followers and bought 100, then it only applies from 101 to 200. That means if it is less than 100 or more than 200, it no longer applies to a refill.

4- The refill is only valid for the same username, if the username has changed the guarantee will be void.

5- If you bought from another seller before or after you bought from us, the warranty will be void.

6- We can only perform a refill if your user account is set to public.

7- The guarantee is not mandatory. It is an added bonus that we offer as a quality of our service.

Please note that our clients do not typically lose followers and when they do it is in the 10-15% range.